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Barry Sitnick

Barry Sitnick

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04/05/13 12:29 PM #1    

Andrew Tauber

Left to right:  Joe Block, Mike Newman, Mike Lapin, Barry Sitnick, Dan Frankel

Taken at Andy Tauber's wedding.  Barry Sitnick was a west glencoe friend. He lived across the street from Mikey Markoff, Bucky Frumpkin, Larry Cohen was in the next block. He died in a car or motorcycle racing accident, way too young.  He was a great athlete, really bright talented guy. Our friend beside him, Mike Lapin (class of 74) passed away a few years ago as well.

It's important to remember them, I know I will.


05/18/13 10:24 AM #2    

Larry Cohen

Andrew -- nicely put...Barry was a good friend...I spent many an hour sitting around his families dinner table especially during the summer months...those days we just walked in - never thought of knocking...playing baseball till sundown with Barry...those were good years. You are correct in that he should not be forgotten. Larry

05/20/13 10:57 AM #3    

Daniel Frankel

I will always remember Barry's smiling face. 

05/20/13 11:22 AM #4    

Scott Wilton

Barry had a ton of energy playing soccer during our first 2 years and was always one of the most vocal and positive leaders on the team.  I also remember a day skiing with him at Wilmot senior year ... we had a day off or we skipped school with a big group.  I remember that he was a great skier  He always did have a way of making is presence known!

05/21/13 12:20 PM #5    

Lindsey Murray

I still have a ring I commissioned Barry to make with  a piece of black coral I brought home from Mexico.

06/02/13 08:06 AM #6    

Robert Fain

I remember being woken up one morning by a phone from Wayne Fetman while I was living in Lakewood, Colorado to hear then news that Barry had died. I think it was in the spring of 1994, maybe 1995. Barry was riding his Harley in Oak Park when a housewife in a minivan blew thru a stop sign and ran him over.

We had a lot of good times together, sking - snow and water, hanging out, etc. I miss him dearly.

06/03/13 08:55 AM #7    

Robert Segal

   looking at my old photos of Barry remind me of how fun a guy he was, he lived large.

I rememder a trip to Aspen in high school where Barry spend most of his time at the hospital.

He had his appendix removed. The hospital in Aspen had no ability to diagnose anything but a broken limb,

but they finally figured it out the third time he showed up at the hospital.

This photo is in front of the popcorn cart in Aspen, with Michael Newman. this photo was taken after high school.


06/16/13 08:17 PM #8    

Michael Newman

Aspen, CO - circa 1973, Barry Sitnick and Michael Newman


Barry and Wayne Fetman



Barry - always perfect form!


Sitnick, Newman, looks like Bob Segal and ? in Aspen, of course

06/17/13 10:28 AM #9    

Robert Segal

Yes that's me being a goofball and Kurt Aronson.

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